How does it work?

There are a lot of boxes on the website. Opening the box you get one of the items sent to the adress entered at checkout.


How does the product drop out?

The items are selected randomly.


I'm not happy with the item i got!

All sales are final. There is no guarantee on what item you'll receive 


Are there only original products?

All products in boxes are exclusively original.


Where can the items be delivered?

We deliver goods all over the world.


How many free mysteryboxes can i order at once?

Max 15 *Free* Mysteryboxes PER ORDER! If you add more then 15 to your cart and check out, you'll only recieve 15! (You can order 15 mysteryboxes multiple times but not more then 15 per order) 


What item will i get?

 You'll get one of the items shown in the "What can i win" section!


How many items will i get?

You will get one item per mysterybox you order!


I entered the wrong adress, What now?

All sales are final! You are in charge of entering your adress correct!


How long is shipping?

Our estimated shipping time is between 16 and 46 days due to high demand! (Updated)


What are the odds?

We currently do not publicly display our odds! (Coming soon)


I want my money back

We offer no refunds! All sales are final


My item(s) came broken

Due to people trying to abuse our system by saying an item came broken or didn't come at all over and over until they win something big we can't send you a new item unless you'd send us the item(s) you recieved and evaluate if the damage was a self made or if it really came like that. for cheaper boxes this is not a option due to high shipping costs! You stand for the shipping, we don't offer refunds!


Can i get sponsored?

Yes! We would love to sponsor you if you have a big following on any social media! Send us a email and we'll take it from there! mysteryunboxinc@hotmail.com

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